Gamers have reported missing PS Plus games for PS3 and PS Vita

Gamers have reported missing PS Plus games for PS3 and PS Vita

We already know that Sony managed to create a great TV series when it announced أعلنت PS3, PSP and PS Vita online stores closed. Even if the company has Partially reverse the decisionThe PS Vita Store won’t be receiving new content anytime soon. Despite this, it appears that a new issue has emerged and is affecting some players.

The free gaming system for PS Plus subscribers has been introduced for PS3 and PS Vita, and with the whole issue of closing and bringing back these online stores, these titles are affected in some way, with some users reporting losing full subscription access to PS3 and PS Vita games.

According to reports in reddit And in other places, such as the forum PSN profilesMany players who are still using games already received from PS Plus and who let their subscription expire for a few days and then renew, said they lost full access to all games for these platforms.

Regardless of re-subscribing, restoring licenses, downloading games again or any other solution, there was no effect until subscribers could access games again. Apparently, the issue affects all titles on these platforms and occurs if your subscription is not automatically renewed.

In some cases, users have changed their account email (for example, when they saved the game, it was one email, the current one is another) and there are theories that the error could also be due to this – associated, of course, with PS Plus expiring and then renewing . But until we understand exactly what is going on, we have nothing but speculation.

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The first complaints about this situation occurred on June 17, and so far and according to user responses, they have not had a solution. There are even theories that it will be intended for the affected platforms, but there is still no official response to the matter.

Affected users have contacted Sony Support about the issue, but have not received any feedback yet. If you are still using PS Plus games on these platforms and want to continue accessing them without any hassle, make sure your subscription has expired and make sure it hasn’t expired for the time being, or at least until Sony fixes the potential issue.

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