Galician Farmer will test his drug Applid for Covit-19 patients from the United Kingdom

Galician Pharmacists Announced yesterday that there is Permission obtained from the British Medical Institute (MHRA) Participate in the Neptune Phase III clinical trial for British patients. This indicates that the pharmacist may be Test the effectiveness of your medicine uplift In people admitted to a hospital Govit-19 “Moderate infection” In the United Kingdom.

Thus the UK became the first regulatory body to accredit MHRA Neptune Phase III research. Made in about a dozen countries around the world, The respective regulatory bodies recognize it. “Both the design of this protocol and the approval of regulatory authorities are based on scientific evidence of safety and efficacy obtained during the I-II APLICOV-PC testing phase with Blittipex for the treatment of Covit-19 patients.” 1,300 patients have already been treated with flididepsin for other symptoms“, Informs the company in a note.

What is the article?

This test will recruit More than 600 patients In about 70 centers in the UK, other European countries and other parts of the world. Purpose Compare With plitidepsin Two dose doses (1.5 to 2.5 mg) Against the conventional treatment approved in each country To determine the full recovery on day 8 (1) and the percentage of patients who did not re-enter due to COVID-19 infection after 31 days.

“This is a phase III, multicenter, randomized and controlled clinical trial Determine the efficacy and safety of the two dose levels Flitidepsin is comparable to the control of adult patients who need to be hospitalized for clinical treatment of mild Govit-19 infection, “Pharmamar explains in a statement. Inhibits eEF1A protein, Is present in human cells that use SARS-CoV-2 to reproduce and infect other cells. This lock Prevents the virus from reproducing within the cell This is impossible and spreads to other cells.

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