Gal Costa, Caetano Veloso and Galvão Bueno remember the military dictatorship

Gal Costa, Caetano Veloso and Galvão Bueno remember the military dictatorship

Caetano Veloso, Galvão Bueno and Gal Costa were guests of yesterday at Altas Horas. During their participation in the Globo program, the singers spoke about the period of the military dictatorship in Brazil [1964-1985].

“It was so hard back then, I felt a lot of pain when I sang. Hmm [amigos e familiares] away… and I stayed here. People were aggressive with me in the street. I wore those clothes [despojadas] People attacked me.”

Caetano, in turn, referred to the illegal detention. “We were arrested without knowing why. During the interrogation, I was completely ignorant of what was happening. We were held for a month without anyone explaining what was happening, nothing. They put me in solitary confinement and Jill in another prison.” He began.

“In the second month, the interrogations began, and only then did we begin to understand the reasons for the arrest. The major who was interrogating me said that a radio announcer gave a statement that we were saboteurs, that we sang the national anthem. Profanity, a lot of things that did not happen. She proved the opposite, but did not Do anything,” the singer continued.

After his innocence was proven, freedom was something Caetano expected, however, it wasn’t that simple. “I was told that I would be released, and I was imprisoned for another 15 days. Then they took me to Salvador, and we were held in the city for another four months, without being able to give anything or say anything to the press. Then finally the exile came to London and came Gal to visit us.” The singer confirmed the story. “Yes, two or three times.”

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Galvão also spoke of how he faced the dictatorship in his youth: “I was an eighteen-year-old boy, I was living in Brasilia. The next day [ao golpe militar] I remembered a lot of trying to breathe. This is because of the gas tears. And I remember that I ran so that I would not be hit more, and I remember it well, with regret.”

Finally, Caetano spoke of people who spread wrong ideas about the military period: “Today we see a lot of confusion on the part of people who remember the period of the military dictatorship as if it was good, orderly, and fruitful for Brazil, but it was not. They are causing chaos there,” he finished.

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