Fuel crisis: Brexit accelerates crisis in UK, but Portugal will not be safe

Fuel crisis: Brexit accelerates crisis in UK, but Portugal will not be safe

The UK is experiencing a perfect storm that has completely undermined its logistics chains and the normal functioning of the business – Brexit The crisis began Pingtemic And in the global context of container shortages, high maritime freight rates and rising natural gas prices. Obstacles are already a fact. Can they reach Portugal?

The fuel crisis is linked to driver shortages

For TSF, at the beginning of the month, Pedro Polonio, Chairman அந்தரம் (National Association of Public Road Transport Products), for now, stressed that Portuguese drivers should not be directly affected by the fuel crisis in the United Kingdom because refueling is done before entering British territory and trucks have great autonomy. However, the threats are real.

Pedro Polonio explained that the situation in the United Kingdom (already with empty shelves and the mobilization of the army to carry fuel by road – could lead to divorce from other EU countries in the coming years, too, is a factor. BrexitIn fact, fewer European navies have made inroads into the UK, the union president said.

Pedro Polonio says the event did not attract the attention of the political class

The shortage of drivers in the heavy goods transport sector is not a new phenomenon: it is a structural problem that has been deteriorating in recent years (especially on the rise in the United States and the European continent). “If things are as they are, if we do not get the political attention we deserve on this issue, I believe what is happening in the UK today will happen in Europe in a few years, and in a short time. More years, in the United States. In Portugal,” he told the TSF.

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Why does this crisis last? “There are many industries with a shortage of manpower, and in the particular case of heavy motorists, this is a real example of the aging and retention of the active population and the capture of new skills,” he explained, emphasizing that the training of these professionals takes time and is ignored by the political class.

Source: TSF

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