French woman sentenced to prison for selling fake vaccination certificates – 07/30/2021

An employee of a health facility in Saint-Denis, France, has been sentenced to a year in prison after issuing 200 fake vaccination certificates to sell on a social network. Information from the French newspaper Le Figaro.

According to the report, the forgery was discovered after the director of the institution verified that two people who had never visited the site were listed as having been vaccinated in the system. The application was on the date this employee was employed.

During a search of this woman’s home, 20 forged certificates and about 7,000 euros were discovered. It admitted to police that it generated about 200 codes, which it will sell for 200 euros ($1,236) per token on Snapchat.

It was said that two more people were involved in the crime – in the house of one of them, 10,000 euros were found.

After the conviction, the employee’s sentence was transferred to house arrest with electronic monitoring and a fine of 10,000 euros (equivalent to 61,813 Brazilian reals).

This month, the country decided that starting in August, all French people will need to file this vaccination certificate Or a negative Covid test for entering restaurants, cafes, malls, hospitals, planes and trains.

* With AFP

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