Free Game of the Week has been revealed

Free Game of the Week has been revealed

After a big thrill by Epic Games, the free PC game of the week has been revealed: NBA 2K21.

However, even before the confirmation that NBA 2K21 would be the free game of the week on Epic, a Fortnite celebrity had already anticipated the news.

As of today, NBA 2K21 is the free game of the week at Epic Games and will be available for redemption on your PC until May 27, which is when you’ll enter another game for free.

Once recovered, the game remains in the user’s library forever and can be played at any time – so be sure to retrieve it until the 27th, before 12 noon GMT.

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The NBA also arrives this week at Fortnite. The game and league partnership resulted in Fortnite + NBA: Cross Game, which will bring several packs with costumes and other novelties to the game, including a pack of 31 uniforms, 30 of which are official NBA teams.

Bearing in mind that since it is a newer game, some minimum requirements are required for the game to run smoothly. Epic Games spells out all the minimum and recommended requirements on the game page, but in short: about 80GB of storage and 4GB of RAM are required for the game to function properly.

Have you ever redeemed your game on the Epic Games Store? Tell us there in the comments!

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