Sony says PlayStation Portal and Nintendo Switch are different

Sony says PlayStation Portal and Nintendo Switch are different

Sony has decided to bury the existing comparisons between PlayStation Portal and Nintendo Switch. In a recent interview, the manufacturer’s senior vice president, Eric Lempel, commented on this issue, noting that portable models will have different proposals.

Since the announcement of the new PlayStation hardware, fans have been drawing a certain rivalry between the model and Nintendo’s console. However, the differences between them are not only limited to the design, but also the concept, as there is a requirement to own a PS5.

In conversation with BBCLempel avoided making comparisons between PlayStation Portal, Nintendo Switch, and Steam Deck: “It’s a different proposition and really something unique for the PlayStation audience“, said the executive.

Unlike other devices, the Sony model also requires a stable online connection of at least 15MB, as PS5 content is accessed via live streaming. In this way, it will be an extension of remote play.

Source: Sony

PlayStation Portal still has a confirmed release date in Brazil.

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PlayStation Portal is designed for in-home play as the PS5, and will have a headphone jack and no Bluetooth. Furthermore, it is planned to stay on for up to 9 hours, but that battery life is yet to be determined.

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