France allows entry to fully vaccinated Brazilians

France allows entry to fully vaccinated Brazilians

a France This Saturday, the 17th, announced that it will accept entry Vaccination of tourists against COVID-19 Regardless of the country of origin. With this, Brazilians who have received one of the vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) can travel to French territory.

The measure will be applied to vaccines from PfizerAnd the modernAnd the AstraZeneca e Janssen. The traveler will need to wait seven days after the second dose or 28 days in the case of a single Janssen dose. So far, the Coronavac It has not been approved by the European Medicines Agency. He received the Sinovac vaccine Certified by the World Health Organization (WHO)Who is the) and is in the final stages of analysis by EMA.

“At the same time, because vaccines are effective against the virus, especially on the delta variant, restrictions that burden travelers who have already been vaccinated with an EMA-recognised vaccine will be lifted from Saturday 17 July, whatever their country of origin.”

When entering the country it will not be necessary to submit a negative test or undergo quarantine, only proof of vaccination and a statement that you have no symptoms and have not been in contact with people diagnosed with the disease, according to the guidelines published on the website of the French Ministry of the Interior. Despite the release, the statement “strongly” advises against travel from France to countries on the red list, which includes Brazil and 26 other countries.

It is noteworthy that the French release does not mean that Brazilians will be able to travel normally to other countries in the European Union. Most countries in the region are imposing restrictions on people coming from countries in a critical situation with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Brazilians or those who have received Coronavac have not been vaccinated They must have an urgent reason to justify entry into French territory and a seven-day quarantine upon arrival.

Unvaccinated Europeans must attend covid-19 test negative in less than 24 hours. Previously, travelers from the UK were required to test negative for a maximum of 48 hours and those from the rest of Europe for up to 72 hours.

New cases of covid-19 continue to increase in France and have already crossed 10,000 per day, although hospital admissions have not increased, according to official government data.

Protests against Covid passport rules

With the door open for those vaccinated, France faces protests against mandatory vaccinations for health professionals and covid-19 cards that will be needed to enter restaurants and other venues. Thousands demonstrated on Saturday, 17, against the measure announced last Monday by President Emmanuel Macron, 12.

A rally in Paris led by a far-right anti-vaccination politician drew a large crowd, which swelled with anger over new rules to curb the spread of the alternate delta of the novel coronavirus.

Today’s demonstrators chanted “Freedom!” They carried posters denouncing the “medical dictatorship” and Macron. Demonstrations were also held in Strasbourg in the east, Lille in the north, Montpellier in the south and other parts of France.

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