Four more English clubs leave the European Super League – 04/20/2021

Four more English clubs leave the European Super League - 04/20/2021

Four more teams from England announced on Tuesday that they were leaving the project with the aim of creating the “European Super League”. The program included the twelve largest clubs in the UK, Italy and Spain.

Earlier, Manchester City also confirmed their departure from the project. In addition to English clubs, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Atletico de Madrid, Juventus, Inter Milan and Milan are all part of a team that is interested in creating a parallel competition and is managed by founding clubs.

“After listening to you and the football community over the last few days, we are leaving the Super League program. We apologize for the mistake we made,” Arsenal said in a statement.

“Liverpool FC confirms that it will no longer participate in the proposed plans to create a European Super League,” Liverpool wrote.

“We confirm that we have formally initiated procedures to disconnect from the committee that drafted the plan for the European Super League,” Tottenham’s official profile announced.

“We will not play in the European Super League,” Manchester United said.

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At the time of the release, Chelsea had not announced any new position. The London team is the only one still in the country to have registered for the project.

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