Former Faustao dancer BBB Caio surprises him by poking it into the air

Cayo Avion Participated in Sunday Faustau, From Globo, Yesterday (25)And ended up in the middle of a tight-fitting skirt. A show dancer asked the farmer about the rumors he was performing inside the most watched home in the country.

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“Maybe a little bit of talk that said to me, talk a little over there, listen and take it to another group, right?”The dancer asked for a Sunday guest.

Very embarrassing, the former participant explained the situation: “It really happened, I have shared with a lot of people. Inside, you have nothing to do but talk.”

On the show, the presenter also surprised the farmer by talking about his relationship with Rodolfo in the country’s most watched home. “The audience was worried that you were engaged and the audience wanted to know if you were going with Rodolfo the mother of the bride.”Said the animator Globo.

Then Caio laughed and confirmed that the citizen would be at the altar, but like the godfather of his wedding. “He will be the best man, I will keep him in his position”, The now announced former BBB.

Fausto Silva also wanted to know from Goiás, a farmer, whether it was difficult to participate in BBB or open and close the fence gate with a horse. “It’s easy. Big brother is more difficult. There is no one there to rush you …”He said.

The 11th eliminated from the game still gives his opinion on what hindered BBB 2021: “He told me on the inside that it happens a lot. We’ve dealt with a lot of people and I’ve been friendly with everyone.”

“Sometimes I was in the middle of a shootout, I heard something from one side, I ended up talking and commenting. Inside, you have nothing to do but talk,” Complete a friend of Rodolfo.

Fabio AlmeidaFabio Almeida

Fabio Almeida is a journalist, multimedia producer and enthusiastic about what’s happening on TV. He is a writer and responsible for the column “Do Fundo do Baú”, which was published Thursday on RD1, with great content from Brazilian TV history. He is on social media at luizfabio_ca and can also be via email: [email protected]

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