Black, Radamés, Tonzão and WL are located in the 12th Roça of A Fazenda 15 – A Fazenda 15

Black, Radamés, Tonzão and WL are located in the 12th Roça of A Fazenda 15 – A Fazenda 15

Baoleros and Chris are competing for two places in the final stage
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For the first time this season, four walkers will compete for the public’s votes Farm 15! Cesar Black, Radamès Forlan, Tonzao Chagas that it WL Guimarães They fell in the twelfth round to Roca and only two of them would return to the bout.

Andre Gonsalveswhich also occupied one of the five seats on Tuesday night (12), won the final farmers’ test of the version and secured a place in the top eight.

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In shaping marbleThe lions became a target for the farmer JacquelineWhile Radamès received the largest number of votes. The footballer took WL from Baia, André stayed in Resta Um, and Tonzão ended up in Roça after Poder da Chama Branca demanded a new head-to-head vote between two walkers.

Vote now Unlocked by This week, due to the double cancellation, only the two with the highest votes will return to the headquarters.

How was the last farmer test?

The activity sponsored by Embelleze consists of three phases. The first time, André, Tonzão and WL had to do their best to open the cabin with parts of the Novex package, which were to be mounted above the scale. WL was the fastest to complete the challenge and earned a place in the final stage.

The second stage was up to Andre and Tonzau. Competitors had to unwrap wires from five spools, connect them to the rack and attach them to the Embelleze board. The actor was graceful and had his passport stamped for the final with WL. Tonzão went straight to Roça.

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In the final stage, the duo had to pull five cylinders to the red flag. They will serve as steps for them to climb the Novex Tower and ring the bell that will end the race. André started ahead of WL and maintained the lead until the end. He really celebrated winning the last hat!

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