Forgotten in a shelter, a dog has been waiting for a second chance for more than three years

Forgotten in a shelter, a dog has been waiting for a second chance for more than three years

Since his arrival more than three years ago at the Main Line Animal Rescue shelter in Pennsylvania, USA, it seems that the dog does not “deserve” a second chance.

Even with numerous advertisements posted by the shelter, the American Staffordshire Terrier was unable to convince the family to adopt him.

The dog, named Coby, is five years old and has spent most of his life at the shelter. However, this does not affect your mood; Every day, he stays happy and infects the shelter volunteers with his energizing energy.

“Kobe is always interested in what happens when volunteers pass by the site [em que está alocado no abrigo]Shelter volunteer Gillian Kocher said in an interview with the news portal that he is trying to get their attention, so they take him for a walk. Newsweek.

Gillian also reports that many people visit the shelter but are not interested in Kobe because of his shyness.

“People don’t seem to want to invest the time to build a relationship with him. He just needs someone patient who respects his rhythm.”

Although he goes unnoticed, Kobe does not show it in his behavior.

Every time he goes for a walk or spends a few days at a shelter volunteer’s house, he acts like a true gentleman.

“Kobe is very loyal and loving to the people he meets. He can be shy at first and needs to feel comfortable before he opens up. Furthermore, he loves car rides and often visits a volunteer’s house to spend the day, always acting like a perfect gentleman.

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Emergency request

On the fifteenth of this month, the shelter decided to publish an urgent request to take care of Kobe on its official Facebook page.

In the letter, the shelter asks people to watch out for “the resident who has stayed with us the longest.”

“Kobe has been here a long time and should have found a home a long, long time ago. He is exceptionally loyal and caring, and deserves the chance to be the best thing that has ever happened in your life. Come meet him,” the post read. “.

The post, which went viral on the platform, received more than 900 likes and was shared 2.8 thousand times. Jillian hopes and believes this post will help find Kobe a forever home.

“We hope that people will take into account the dogs that have been in shelters for so long and have been forgotten. Despite the challenges they may face, they all deserve a lot of love. We are certain that Kobe deserves a family, and we hope that someone will open his heart.” And the house is his.”

Do you know anyone who lives near Kobe who would be interested in giving this lonely dog ​​a second chance? call the shelter, here!

Let’s hope Kobe finds her happy ending soon!

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