Forced isolation causes disruptions in the UK value chain

Forced isolation causes disruptions in the UK value chain

We previously reported that the UK will face some food shortages in the summer due to a lack of drivers and Brexit. Now there is a shortage of food in supermarkets, as well as garbage or traffic collection, because of the new delta variant of the Covit-19 there are teams in line with self-isolation, The Guardian quoted the Journal Express.

In addition to those affected by this variation, the British government has imposed a mandatory 10-day isolation rule for those taking two doses of the vaccine against COVID-19, which makes the situation worse. British food distribution companies warn that the country’s economy could stagnate, fearing August 16 will be pushed back to remove mandatory isolations.

It warns of the consequences of monitoring individuals involved in suspicious cases and calls on food companies to allow daily inspections instead of isolating their essential workers for 10 days.

On the part of Boris Johnson’s government, there is no consensus. Initially some ministers said that there would be limited permission for essential workers (about 10,000 out of 500 food distribution sites) not to be isolated, opting for quick tests instead.

The British Meat Processors Association argues that the government should release additional information and provide “clear and unambiguous guidelines” on places and conditions that can be excluded from isolation and how the new rules can be applied. “Our fear is that if infections continue at the current rate, many non-exempt workers will be expelled from the organization, regardless of these protected ‘key locations’, and the rest of the surrounding supply chain will fail,” admits Richard Harrow, CEO of the British Frozen Food Federation.

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