For the third year in a row, BTS has won a major title in the UK

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For the third year in a row, the South Korean K-pop group BDS has won the title of “hottest summer superstar” in the UK. The poll was opened by local MTV, and the Army does not play games.

See how the first 10 changed:

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1. BDS – 19.355.242
2. Twenty-one pilots – 623.637
3. Harry Styles – 504,531
4. Taylor Swift – 107.484
5. Small compound – 104.321
6. YUNGBLUD – 100,469
7. Niall Horan – 70,491
8. Dua Liba – 58,547
9. Billy Elish – 42.304
10. Bruno Tuesday – 40,491

BDS makes over $ 80 million on YouTube alone

The news that BDS is the largest K-pop group in the world is not news to anyone. It’s no secret that they are millionaires, the only proof of that is their YouTube revenue!

According to Forbes of South Korea, the BTS YouTube channel is the most profitable K-Pop channel on the Google video site. With 57 million subscribers and a total of 12 billion views on its 1,586 videos, the BANGTANTV channel earned $ 16.4 million (R $ 82 million). All of these are for 2020 only.

Check out the top 10 places:

  1. BTS – $ 16.4 million
  2. Blackbink – US $ 11.6 million
  3. NCT Dream – US $ 1.81 million
  4. Seventeen – US $ 1.65 million
  5. Pump – US $ 1.45 million
  6. Mammootty – US $ 1.45 million
  7. EXO – US $ 1.45 million
  8. Official IU – US $ 1.34 million
  9. aespa – US $ 1.24 million
  10. Tomorrow x Together Officer – US $ 981 million
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BTS invites fans to the official “Dance Permission” challenge on YouTube Shorts

BTS invites all their fans to dance to their new solo song. “Permission to dance”. This will be YouTube Shorts’ first global dance challenge.

Next Friday, July 23rd to Saturday, August 14th, fans of the South Korean band from around the world will compete in the 15km race. Up to a short video can recreate dance moves directly from the video clip from the YouTube processor “Permission to dance”.

As part of the challenge, BTS will select some of their favorite shorts to create a special video. To participate, tag videos PBANGTANTV and ouYouTube with the hashtags #PermissiontoDance and #Shorts. For inspiration, fans can watch some of the latest BTS shorts Here.

Last week, the team created Introductory presentation “Dance Permission” on TV on The Tonight Show hosted by Jimmy Fallon. Members too they said About how the song written by Ed Sheeran came to life.

“Permission to Dance” brings the message that you do not need to ask anyone for permission to dance, and we hope that people around the world can unite to dance with us, without any restrictions or restrictions. Big Music President Shin Young Jae explains.

BTS Domina or YouTube

BTS aired the official music video for “Dance Permission” on July 9th 170 million views on YouTube to date. The video won fifth place on the list 10 most viewed clips in the first 24 hours On Youtube. The band now owns 50% of the rankings, including the top two “Butter” e “Dynamite”.

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“Butter” is also in the first place Music stop The most popular YouTube music for seven consecutive weeks.

Globally, BTS is one of the top five most viewed artists on YouTube this year, and has garnered more than 10 billion views on stage in the last 12 months. 53 million subscribers with you Official channelThey are the third most subscribed artist on YouTube, after Justin Bieber and Blackbink.

BTS has joined the club with millions of views on YouTube on three different occasions “DNA”, “Boy with Love” Also, more recently, with “dynamite”.

“BTS is a global icon. After breaking the record on YouTube, BDS ‘immense contribution to the music world has made them an undeniable force.

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