For the fourth year in a row, YouTube’s # 1 single from Christmas in the UK

For the fourth year in a row, YouTube's # 1 single from Christmas in the UK
For the fourth year in a row, YouTuber had the No. 1 Christmas single in the UK rankings, a real company there. Ladbaby Another hit parody with lyrics that talk about “sausage rolls” – 2021 “Sausage Rolls For everyone”.

The difference is that this time he chose to play the game with the newly released song, which competed directly with the desired quality: “Merry Christmas”. Elton John e Ed Sheeran, Which came in second. In other words, what we saw here is one of those situations that never happens again. After all, what is a parody and a chance to get the first two places in its original rankings?

YouTuber’s real name, Mark Ian Hoyle, has been posting these editions to raise money for food banks in Great Britain, helping people living in food insecure situations. At this time of year, the British like to do charity by buying music whose income will be very useful to those in need.

Elton and Sheeran, whose single also features a charity role, loved Fairplay and appeared on “Sausage Rolls for Everyon”. In other words, in the end everyone is happy. With “Christmas number 1” in your account. Sheeran already had one.Perfect“Since 2017, the last single that’s been there, there’s no talk of sausages in it.

Already Ladbaby, Who certainly does not sing well, would not have even dreamed that one day he would get so many “Christmas number one”. The Beatles. The quartet, with four singles, are the isolated champions in the rankings that began counting in 1952. In other words, “Sausage Rolls for All (Feed. Ed Sheeran and Elton John)“, The seventieth single to come there.

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The first 40, however, still had only one novelty, and this is worth mentioning. “Boris Johnson is still a thugFrom the comedy project “(” Boris Johnson is still a tick in c # a p #, in good Portuguese “), Kunts Was in the same fifth place “Boris Johnson is a fucking cunt“Stayed last year.

Another parody, which can be mentioned in a minute Debach mode, Gary Glitter And the theme of the Adams family. The song has very simple lyrics, basically repeating its title. This proves that a large section of the British are not very happy with their Prime Minister.

The final Top 10 of 201 was:

1 – “Sausage Rolls for All (Feed. Ed Sheeran and Elton John)“- Ladbaby (Introduction)
2 – “Merry Christmas (with Ed Sheeran)“- Elton John (One level dropped)
3 – “Last Christmas“- வாம் (Same level)
4 – “All I want for Christmas is you“- Mariah Carey (Same level)
5 – “Boris Johnson is still a thug“- Kunts (Introduction)
6 – “ABCDEFU“- Gayle (One level dropped)
7 – “The fairy tale of New York“- Box (Same level)
8 – “Merry Christmas to all“- Shokin Stevens (Two levels below)
9 – “Rocking around the Christmas tree ‘“- Brenda Lee (One level dropped)
10- “Come home for Christmas“- George Ezra (Up to five levels)

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