Following the United States, the United Kingdom announced sanctions against Putin’s daughters

Following the United States, the United Kingdom announced sanctions against Putin's daughters

According to the British government, the measures “are destabilizing the economy in a way that Russia has not seen since the fall of the USSR”.

The United Kingdom on Friday (April 8, 2022) updated its list of sanctions, including the daughters of Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

The United States, which on Wednesday (June 6, 2022) imposed sanctions on the Russian president’s daughters, Katarina Dikonova and Maria Vorontsova, in addition to Lavrov’s daughter Sergeyevna Vinokrova, is following suit.

“Our unprecedented set of obstacles is attacking the elite [russa] And their families, at a time when the Russian economy is deteriorating to an unprecedented extent since the collapse of the Soviet Union. ”Liz Truss, UK Secretary of State said.

According to the British government, a government analysis shows that Russia is heading towards a recession and estimates that 60% of the country’s reserves have been frozen.

US sanctions

On Wednesday, in addition to US sanctions against Putin and Lavrov’s family, the Biden administration was also involved. “Full volume” The two largest Russian financial institutions are Sberbank and Alfa Bank.

In all, the government claims to have $ 1.4 trillion in Russian assets. A White House official says the economic downturn will put citizens back “Soviet quality of life”The officer added.

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