Foldable iPhone with Samsung Screen, Galaxy Z Fold 3 will have a fast recharge and more | Planto TC # 65

Foldable iPhone with Samsung Screen, Galaxy Z Fold 3 will have a fast recharge and more |  Planto TC # 65

The tech sector is brimming with news throughout the year, and May is no exception. We kick off the fifth month of 2021 with a series of hot news for you. In the mobile phone, there are more details about the future foldable iPhone, and what is expected Galaxy Z Fold 3 And Mi Mix Fold expansion.

Additionally, TCL showcased a three-in-one cell phone concept. In other technical areas, the May astronomical calendar will feature a massive blood moon and a meteor shower, while a new app has been tested to help identify children with autism. Check out the details below.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 with fast charging

We started our call today by talking about the future of Samsung foldable. Galaxy Z Fold 3 New information about your shipment has been released. The certification record showed that the cell phone will come with a 25W charger. So you can expect the device to support even this fast charging, but nothing more. In both cases, keeping the device in the wall for a short time is sufficient.

And if you prefer the shape of the future Galaxy Z Flip 3There’s also something new to him. Samsung patent He indicated that there was a dual selfie camera in the next fold of the family. It can also be folded in two directions, indicating a new hinge design. But since they are patents, it is not yet possible to say that a flexible smartphone will be that way. Sure, that just makes enthusiasts more excited to see the upcoming Korean fold.

Mi Mix Fold is next to the global version

And speaking of the testimony, another cell phone It should appear in the global market Coming soon is Mi Mix Fold. At least, this indicates the IMEI approval the model received. Xiaomi has not yet confirmed the date of the folding’s arrival in other markets, but success is guaranteed in China, with the right to a record set during the first day of sales.

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And if you thought that this smartphone would not last long, you might be wrong. Mi Mix Fold He underwent a seven-day stress test. Throughout this period, the device has been folded over 400,000 times to prove it’s durable. Details: The experience was broadcast live on Chinese TV, so no one doubts the capacity of the cell phone. Xiaomi appears committed to tougher competition with rivals Samsung and Huawei in this foldable market.

TCL showcases mobile, tablet and tablet concepts, all in one device

A TCL Showed a concept Three in one device. That’s right, it’s a device that can be a cell phone, tablet, and tablet, by simply turning and folding the screen. The company called the fold and roll concept a nod to rock and roll, and promises sizes ranging from 6.87 to 10 inches.

Each usage mode will have a specific focus, like a regular phone or something focused on multimedia. Although it has already shown what a product of this type will look like, the company has confirmed that we will still need to wait a while to see such a device on the market.

An astronomical calendar might contain a supermoon of blood

Astronomical calendar for the month of May Issued, With the right to the giant blood moon and meteor shower. Starting at the second we mentioned, it will take place this week, on the sixth day, and will be visible early in the morning on that date. The best time to see is around an hour before sunrise.

The giant moon will happen on May 26 and will confuse two phenomena. One of them is the so-called Lua das Flores, which is considered the largest supermoon of the year. The other is the total eclipse of the natural satellite, which will only be partially visible in most of Brazil. This should give the moon a reddish tinge, hence the nickname of the blood moon. Are you ready to check out all these astrological events for this month?

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The app can recognize autism symptoms in children

Many times, we see how technological advances have been able to contribute to the field of medicine, and this is an example of this. An application created by scientists Autism symptoms can be detected in children. It assesses the appearance patterns of tested children while watching short films, specially produced for diagnosis. Artificial intelligence can determine if a child is looking more at humans or things.

One production, for example, features a playful woman rotating on one side of the screen, while holding something on the other side. Non-autistic children tend to take an interest in everything, with an emphasis on the girl. Those who suffer from this disorder will have the primary interest in this component. It may sound simple, but it’s a study that promises to help thousands of children around the world.

IPhone is good

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01 May

Foldable iPhone 2023 with Samsung screen

We got to our main topic for this week. Trusted Analyst A report was released This shows when Apple will launch the world’s first foldable iPhone. According to the document, this will only happen in 2023. In other words, an Apple fan will still need to wait a while to see a branded mobile phone that can be folded.

But this is not the only information about him. Sources in the supply chain guarantee that Apple’s flexible smartphone will feature an 8-inch screen with Quad HD + resolution. The details: The screen will be manufactured by rival Samsung. The specialist expects this device to sell between 15 and 20 million units in the first year alone, even if it arrives late in this market.

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It is good to emphasize that this is another rumor in the market. This means that there is nothing concrete yet about the arrival of the first foldable iPhone, as Apple has not confirmed any of the information released so far. But it lends itself to what we can expect for the branded device in the future.

So, what do you expect from a foldable iPhone in the future? Do you think that Apple will be able to compete with Samsung, Huawei and now Xiaomi in this market, even of late? Comment on these and other topics in the space below.

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