Five million Europeans living in the UK, but thousands will miss the deadline

More than 150,000 deaths related to this disease in the UK

As of today, May 31, the British Home Office has received more than 5.6 million applications, which is equivalent to about five million people, with some records being repeated.

“This is an extraordinary achievement in guaranteeing the rights of EU citizens [União Europeia] They live in the UK. We urge all those who are eligible to apply before the June 30 deadline, and we will continue to make every effort to assist those in need, ”Secretary of State for Immigration Kevin Foster said in a statement.

However, statistics released today show that out of 5.6 million applications, 340,000 applications are yet to be completed three weeks before the deadline.

On Wednesday, 45 independent civil society organizations issued a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson warning that tens of thousands of EU citizens, including children and youth, would lose their legal status and rights.

Organizations including the Cora Foundation, the International Citizens’ Counsel and the International Organization for Migration have asked Boris Johnson to look into the matter “urgently” because the deadline is weeks.

June 30 Deadline for EU citizenship registration [EU Settlement Scheme, EUSS] It opens up the structure of Britain’s exit from the EU so that Europeans can maintain their right to live, work or study in British territory.

Without `pre-immigration status’ or permanent status (` immigration status`) granted after five consecutive years of living in the country, people have no access to health care, social benefits or other support or public services.

Companies that have received funding to apply to vulnerable people, such as minorities or the undocumented in maintaining social services, complain that the epidemic has hampered their work and is seeking to extend the deadline.

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Restrictions have limited their face-to-face support services, without which “some of the people we serve cannot trust or join the EUSS, for example when digital capability is low”.

Another problem, they said, was the delay in issuing identity documents through prisons and embassies.

“Support work by grant-funded organizations should not be used as a justification for not taking steps to transform the EUSS to protect the rights of EU citizens and their families,” said Marion Lagrou, policy director for the Children’s Law Center.

However, more than 3 million organizations today have launched a campaign to obtain digital certification, which will change the use of European national identity documents and include a paper version that will prove the right to live and work in the UK.

Following an internet glitch this week, the British government website was taken out of service, and in view of the difficulties many face in dealing with the system, they recommend a source similar to the printable Govit-19 vaccine.

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