Find out why Steve Jobs didn’t let his kids use iPads – Época Negócios

Find out why Steve Jobs didn't let his kids use iPads - Época Negócios

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, shows the iPad in 2010 in California, USA (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

One of the most recent discussions about technology use by children and teens is the time they spend using smartphones and iPads. Steve Jobs I was part of the group that didn’t think it was a good idea for kids to grow up addicted to these devices.

In an interview with New York times In 2010, reporter Nick Bilton asked him: “Your kids should love IPAD, right?” Founder An apple Answer: They do not use it. We are limiting the amount of technology our children use at home.”

According to the site EntrepreneurJobs biographer Walter Isaacson revealed the motivation behind the family’s decision. “Steve insisted every night that I dine at the big kitchen table, talk about books, history, and many other things,” the writer said. “No one has ever picked up an iPad or a computer. The kids don’t seem addicted to the devices,” he added.

And Steve Jobs was not the only one who followed this path. The portal highlighted that most of the CEOs and personalities in the US Silicon Valley, limit the time their children use technologies.

Founder MicrosoftAnd Bill Gates, it’s an example. He did not give his children cell phones until they were 14, and he prohibited the use of cell phones at lunch, dinner, and bedtime.

screen problems

Former CEO of Google, Tristan HarrisBeware of tricks sites like Facebook and YouTube use to get users’ attention without them noticing.

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Screen addiction, as many have pointed out studiespresents risks. Some of them have difficulty concentrating, poor frustration tolerance, interference with self-esteem, and problems with vision and sleep.

In addition, the authors of the book “School Screen” and many former employees of technology companies warned that forced use of the resource destroys creativity and limits social relationships.

For children, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends limiting screens according to age to avoid compulsive and uncontrolled use.

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