Find out who their “narrow fingers” are from the IRS

Find out who their "narrow fingers" are from the IRS

advertisement Income tax It runs until May 31. Taxpayers should pay attention to all information recorded with the Federal Revenue Service. If any document is lost, the citizen can fall into the fine network. Primarily when revenue cross-references data reported by taxpayers and businesses.

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This is because all the information declared by the taxpayer is checked and must match the data passed on by the companies and entities that file their own returns.

thin mesh

The taxpayer always falls within a range thin mesh to make basic mistakes. These failures can be costly. Not to mention the lies and omissions of information related to the tax authorities. A very common mistake is spending on health. Many taxpayers report that the expenses are much higher than the reality. Thus, when crossing data with statements made by clinics, for example, Federal Revenue discovers the error in the information.

In these cases, the expense is declared without any evidence. Or even omission of reimbursements that may have been made by health plans. In addition, if the taxpayer fails to report the salary they receive from the company, the lion can catch him as well. It is that revenue compares information provided by employees and employers to confirm the data passed.

It is also important to have a statement of financial transaction information. The document is sent by financial institutions, such as banks, cooperatives and exchange offices. The data shows all the movements of taxpayers as individuals.

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When selling a property with a value of more than R$300,000, it also makes an income tax return mandatory. The taxpayer must collect capital gains tax. The income from rent must also appear on your income tax return. So, now that you already know some of the main “narrow fingers” of revenue, take advantage of the additional advertising deadline and gather all the documents so you don’t fall into the fine grid.

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