Find out what to do to increase your NUBANK credit limit

Find out what to do to increase your NUBANK credit limit

a Nubank It has become one of the largest digital banks in the country with over 25 million registered customers. The company provides many services and benefits to its users in legal and physical accounts through the application. Despite being a great financial institution, many customers complain about the low limit available on their credit cards.

In some cases, the initial limit issued is R $ 50. Fintech justifies that approval of a new limit depends on several factors. In practice, the company analyzes all of the client’s financial data, as well as his payment history Nubank And in other companies.

The enterprise’s automated system performs credit assessments to determine whether or not to release a cap on the requesting customer. For this reason, it is recommended that the user who wants to request an increase in the card limit, focus all potential expenses on the tool, known as “roxinho”, in addition to paying the bill on the correct days.

How to increase the ceiling of the Nubank card?

After requesting to increase the card limit, the customer must wait for the company to return, as the request does not guarantee releasing a new amount. Check out some tips that can help give more credit with fintech:

  • Concentrate as many expenses as possible on the Nubank Card;
  • Always use the current limit of the card;
  • Pay all bills on the specified dates;
  • Expect to pay bills if possible. This action generates a permanent opponent;
  • Pay the full amount of the bill;
  • Avoid introducing non-revolving credit;
  • Keep your income and financial data updated in the app;
  • Rent other services offered by fintech, such as Nubank Vida Insurance or Easynvest Investments.
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If Nubank enables a new limit, the customer will always be notified, either through the private bank app or by the email registered on the platform. Thus, when the balance is released, you only need to access the “set limit” icon and increase the amount.

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