Find out what extra money you can earn in 2022

Like Significant increase in beginning of the year expenses, especially with IPTU and IPVA on many people’s list of obligations, nothing is better than getting extra money to ease expenses.

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In 2022, various benefits can be issued to workers, some examples include FGTS audit, PIS / Pasep 2022, retroactive emergency aid for a single parent, plus FGTS birthday pull.

Check below a summary with key information about each benefit!

PIS / Pasep 2022

The calendar for the additional money that promises to be put into the workers’ account this year has already been published. Payments begin on February 8 and run through March 31. the The full schedule can be seen here. The maximum amount is 1,212 Brazilian Real.

Those who earned, on average, a minimum wage per month with a formal contract and worked for at least 30 days in the base year 2020, will be able to pull the updated information in the annual Social Information Report (Rais).

FGTS birthday pull

Another one that joins the list of benefits to be had in 2022 is the FGTS birthday draw. Participants in the month of birth get the opportunity to withdraw part of the accumulated balance of the FGTS, based on rates from 5% to 50%. Depending on the situation, the worker still receives an additional premium.

It is noteworthy that joining the benefits prevents the receipt of the withdrawal of the withdrawal, the worker receives the entire FGTS in the event of dismissal without just cause, for example. The Christmas draw method can be adhered to through the FGTS app or website.

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Retroactive emergency aid

The federal government published Provisional Measure (MP) 1,084, which released R$4.1 billion to the Ministry of Citizenship for Transfer. Retroactive emergency aid. Single parents who did not receive emergency double assistance in 2020 and 2021 are entitled to transfers.

The additional installment of the assistance can be up to R$6,000, when considering the sum of the five installments of R$1,200,000. So far, the exact dates of the transfers have not been announced, however, they will continue in 2022.

FGTS review

The matter, which is still awaiting a hammer blow to the Federal Supreme Court, is asking for a review of the income losses in the FGTS balance. This is because the reference rate (TR), applied to correct the money in the fund, does not keep pace with inflation, which causes losses to workers.

If the review is approved, any worker who signed the card from 1999 onwards will receive the money retroactively. But for this, it is necessary to file a lawsuit in court from now on.

In many cases, which depend on salary and working time, amounts can be as high as R$72,000, equivalent to 60 minimum wage. access to online calculator To estimate the amount to be received from the review.

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