Find out how to increase your Nubank credit card limit

Find out how to increase your Nubank credit card limit

If you are also a roxinho customer and want to be able to buy more, check out the article if you want to know how to increase your Nubank limit.

Nubank has captured many clients mainly due to this bank’s low bureaucracy, easy and intuitive online system, and the absence of annual installments and other fees on your credit card. At the moment, it is very difficult to find a person who does not have the name roxinho – the common nickname given to this bank. However, new customers usually get a very low credit limit: around R$50. If you want to know how to increase your Nubank credit card limit, read on!

Some people can easily increase this value just by asking Nubank in their app, but for others it may take time. With that in mind, we’ve broken down some information to help you get a higher credit line:

How does Nubank set a credit card limit?

The bank says it anticipates potential customer spending and analyzes the usage profile, customer risks, and other external data to determine the initial value they consider safe to provide.

This procedure is just an initial contact between the new customer and Nubank and helps the company avoid losses if the payer contracts debts that he cannot afford. Moreover, the idea is to know the client’s profile and, over time, offer an upper limit.

How do you increase this limit?

Nubank will analyze customer data from other banks and credit bureaus and how they behave regarding purchases and debt payments. However, with some situations the desired increase can be achieved:

  • Use the entire available limit, so if you only have a BRL 200 credit, make sure you use it all up;
  • always pay the bill on time, that is, without delay;
  • Never pay your bill;
  • Update your income in the application on Nu;
  • There is no revolving credit
  • Try to prioritize spending on the purple card only.
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By following these tips, it is possible to achieve the increase in your credit limit at Nubank that you dream of, and here’s how to do it:

  • open the bank application;
  • Select “Credit Card”, then click “Modify” and then “Request an Increase”, then enter the amount you want;
  • Later, the app will ask you the reason for this request, so choose the option that best suits your needs;

From there, Nubank will analyze your request and contact you in the coming days.

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