FIFA Mobile introduces new features in the “Major Update” | FIFA

FIFA Mobile introduces new features in the "Major Update" |  FIFA

The last major update of FIFA Mobile was in 2016. In this new version, the game will have a reworked graphics engine. Some high-end phones will be able to run the app at 60 frames per second (fps).

In addition, new camera options are available for shots on goal, free kicks, corner kicks and penalties, as well as replays. The idea is to increase the immersion in the mobile game. A number of new stadiums are now available to unlock, along with the venues’ unique weather, with time of day options allowing matches to be played during the day, at dusk or at night.

This major FIFA Mobile update has been in the works for years

– Reveals Jace Yang, General Manager of EA China

One of the exclusive features of FIFA on consoles and PC comes to mobile devices: live audio commentary from well-known narrators. It is not yet confirmed whether the narrator is Gustavo Villani and commentator Caio Ribeiro. Matches will also feel more realistic with the introduction of new chants and songs from local fans and stadium announcers and conversations between athletes on the field that can be heard during the intense moments.

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