Fiat presents a new global family of compact cars: the Future Strada, Argo and Pulse

Fiat presents a new global family of compact cars: the Future Strada, Argo and Pulse

Fiat this week presented its new global family of compact cars, which will take its starting point from the new generation Fiat Panda, due to be launched in Europe in July.

Starting with this futuristic Panda, a model equivalent to our Fiat Uno in Europe, each new Fiat compact car will be launched at 12-month intervals, in Europe, until 2027. According to Stellantis, they will all be global and have a chance of being built including In Betim, as of the end of 2025.

Futura Strada, Fastback, Pulse and Argo

Stellantis has released several images of projects inspired by the new generation of Panda. Among them, a compact double-cab pickup truck that will be sold in Europe and could be the new generation Fiat Strada here.

Fiat also showcased a coupe SUV that will be sold in all markets where Fiat operates. The model will have a modern and sporty design, with a prominent roof that improves aerodynamics and fuel consumption, and the new Fiat fastback is likely to be (Picture above and below).

A new Panda-derived compact SUV has also appeared and could serve as inspiration for the lines of the next generation Fiat Pulse (Picture below).

To complete the package, the Italian brand has also released images of a prototype of a compact car, larger than the original Panda, which could be the new Fiat Argo (Picture below).

Platform and engine

All new Fiat compact cars will be based on the CMP platform, now called STLA Small. This platform accepts combustion engines, hybrid and electric combinations, and is already in use in the brand's key compact car markets, including the Citroën C3 and Peugeot 208.

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The future is threatened for Mobi and Kronos?

It is important to highlight that Fiat's new global family of compact cars did not include a sedan, which means that the Fiat Cronos and Fiat Tipo sedan may not have alternatives. Moreover, there is also no compact car to replace the Mobi sold in Brazil.

At the moment, Stellantis has not yet confirmed which models from the new Global Accord family will be launched in Brazil. However, the company has already announced that the first car will be presented four months later, during Fiat's 125th anniversary celebrations.

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