Fiat only sells electric and hybrid cars in the UK

Fiat only sells electric and hybrid cars in the UK

In the last year, about 60% Vehicle tax from Fiat In the United Kingdom Electric cars, but the company’s goal is to supply only electric vehicles to British consumers. Therefore, Until July 1, 2022, the manufacturer has announced that it will only offer Electric cars And hybrids For customers in the country.

The UK is part of an agreement to end sales of combustion engines by 2030, so Fiat has decided to speed up production and offer all electric, hybrid or light hybrid models only. By 2021, interest in electric vehicles in the UK will increase by 88%, while interest in hybrid models will increase by 43%.

In February, Fiat released new hybrid versions of the 500X and Panda vehicles, and shortly thereafter began offering the New 500 with full power. Recently, the company also announced the new 500X and Fiat Depot Hybrid.

Fiat 500X and Fiat Depot HybridSource: Fiat

Electric and Hybrid Navy

“This move is a key milestone in Fiat’s history of delivering affordable and sustainable mobile solutions to all our customers,” said Gig Taylor, Fiat UK Managing Director. “This change is in line with urban areas and is driven by the popularity of the new 500.

Therefore, the company offers a low carbon version of each model available to consumers in the UK. In fact, the New500 is the company’s first car, designed entirely from ground to electric – with a range of up to 320 kilometers.

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