FGTS will be paid at an additional cost of up to R$2,900 at CAIXA from May

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Workers born in May who joined the Christmas plunder method FGTS (Fundo de Garantia do Tempo de Serviço), will be able to redeem the feature from Sunday, May 1. The additional amount paid in this type of payment can be up to R$2,900.

Workers who were born in the month of May and have not yet joined FGTS He will still be able to enter the program until the end of the respective month. In this case, withdrawals will also be released in cashier. Those born in the following months will also be able to join the option until the last working day of the birthday month. To comply with other theft rules.

It is important to remember that a Christmas withdrawal and a withdrawal of up to 1000 BRL from FGTS are two different payments. Payment of R$1,000 only will start on Wednesday, April 20th and will continue until December 15th. In other words, it is an emergency release.

How does the Christmas raffle work?

As mentioned, the release occurs in the month of the holder’s birth, and he has until the last working day of the second subsequent month to carry out the withdrawal. It is worth remembering that membership is voluntary and not mandatory.

In addition, those who migrate to the Christmas withdrawal lose the right to withdraw FGTS Completely in the face of unfair dismissal. In this case, only a termination penalty of 40% of the balance is released.

Thus, the Christmas withdrawal is nothing more than a form of government-issued withdrawal, in which the worker withdraws a percentage of the sums deposited in the accounts of the escrow fund.

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It is important for the worker to note an important point when joining the FGTS birthday withdrawal. A citizen must choose between making an annual FGTS withdrawal through a birthday withdrawal or maintaining a withdrawal withdrawal, which is withdrawn when a worker is dismissed without just cause.

Therefore, withdrawals are not allowed at the same time. Either the worker chooses the anniversary withdrawal or the termination withdrawal, being necessary to choose the way in which the worker is interested.

How much can I get for a birthday swag?

A worker who is entitled to withdraw FGTS for his birthday is entitled to an annual percentage of the amounts deposited in FGTS accounts in the month of birth.

The table of values ​​reported by CAIXA shows the amount each worker can withdraw based on the balance that the employee has in the escrow fund accounts. research:

Balance Range Limits (in Brazilian Reals) aliquot Additional Installment (Brazilian Reals)
up to 500.00 50.0%
From 500.01 to 1,000.00 40.0% 50.00
From 1,000.01 to 5,000.00 30.0% 150.00
From 5,000.01 to 10,000.00 20.0% 650.00
From 10,000.01 to 15,000.00 15.0% 1150.00
15,000.01 to 20,000.00 10.0% 1,900.00
Above 5.0% 2,900.00

How do you join?

The Christmas membership withdrawal can be done through the following channels:

  • by app FGTSAvailable for Android and iOS;
  • through the FGTS website;
  • From the Box website.

If the worker regrets joining the method, he must wait about 25 months to return to the withdrawal – withdrawal, the traditional method FGTS.

An exceptional draw of R$1,000 has already begun

Unusual loot FGTS (Fundo de Garantia do Tempo de Serviço) is one of the measures issued by the Federal Government to boost the country’s economy. More than 42 million workers who have available balance in the escrow fund accounts will be able to recover the amount.

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Citizens will be able to withdraw up to R$1,000, even if they have a larger amount available in FGTS. According to the Department of Labor and Social Welfare, the withdrawals will be released from April 20.

Workers who currently use FGTS as collateral in credit operations, such as the Christmas Early Withdrawal, cannot make the Extraordinary Withdrawal. This is due to resource blocking.

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