Federal Senate approves PEC dos Precatórios – PontoPoder

Federal Senate approves PEC dos Precatórios - PontoPoder

On Thursday (2) the Federal Senate approved the basic text of The proposed amendment to the Constitution of Pretorio, which are federal government debt recognized by the judiciary. There were 61 votes in favor, ten against and one abstention. The proposal now returns to the House of Representatives.

Precatório PEC paves the way for premium R$400 from Auxílio Brasil, a social program that replaces Bolsa Família, and Free 106 billion Brazilian reals in the budget for additional expenditures.

The MP has been approved by the House of Representatives and you need it Analyze it Until Tuesday (6) so as not to lose their validity.

In an interview with or balloonSenator provisional measure rapporteur Rocha Rocha (PSDB-MA), it won’t the changes No text.

“I won’t let it expire (loss expires) in my hands, and I won’t make changes so as not to take a risk,” he said.

However, there was a change in the text, which goes back to the House of Representatives. Parliamentarians analysis – The possibility of choosing the points agreed upon between the Senate and the House of Representatives only.

Roberto Rocha added that it is still not clear whether the federal government will be able to do so Bearing With R$400 in helping Brazil for that amount of families, but that won’t change that topic.

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Senator and Rapporteur Fernando Bezerra (MDB-PE) made a series of concessions until the debate. He, who is also the leader of the government, Approved Various amendments, notably to the Multilateral Development Bank, the Private Sector Development Division, and the Private Sector Development Bank.

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In all, the congressman submitted six versions of the opinion until he came up with one to understand Among senators of different political lines.

Even if the PEC dryer, the final version of the report retains key point Including: Postponing prepayments and reviewing the expenditure ceiling.

The main change discussed among senators on Thursday was to lower the maximum term of income Which leads to the payment of expenses. Thus, the matter will have to be discussed again in 2026, which the economic team did not want to happen.

according to Senate AgencyAnother change that occurred was one that ensured that by 2026, only open fiscal space would be used for social spending. Another text change ensured that by 2026, open fiscal space would be available Fully linked to social spending Such as income transfer programs (Auxílio Brasil), health, social security and social assistance. This is because there is a fear among senators that the money will be used by the government for electoral purposes.

“Instead of being in effect for the duration of the new financial system, i.e. until 2036, the court order sub-limit will continue until 2026, allowing enough time for the executive to better monitor the computation and formation process of court orders and financial risk, but without creating a responsibility related to the more difficult implementation of the budget”, explained Rapporteur Fernando Bezerra.

PEC from Precatorio

The main change made by the House of Representatives was ban People line up to access cash transfers.

This change makes the decision of the Federal Supreme Court responsible (STF), which – which Command Basic income payment to Brazilians who meet the official poverty criteria.

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The income lines that characterize poverty and extreme poverty, in connection with the decree of the federal government regulating Auxílio Brasil, have also been modified by federal deputies.


The extreme poverty line values ​​were change By decree of the Federal Government, from R$89 to R$100 per person, poverty from R$178 to R$200.

Parliament lift These amounts, which are now R$105 for extreme poverty and R$210 for poverty, which should increase the number of beneficiaries.

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