Farm may be sued for mistreatment of pigs in UK | Pigs

Farm may be sued for mistreatment of pigs in UK |  Pigs

Pig enclosure at farm accused of mistreatment in United Kingdom Advocates for Animals

A farm in the United Kingdom may be sued by animal rights activists, accused of poor pig farming. Advocates for Animals called on authorities to take action based on footage recorded at the property, which it called “unimaginable suffering”, according to British newspaper The Guardian.

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The video team collected the footage recorded without the farmer's knowledge. According to Glass Wall Films, the animals at Cross Farm in Devon were malnourished and had untreated injuries. Also there is not enough space in the corrals to move the animals. Pig carcasses were left in the corral area and throughout the farm's maternity ward.

“We were interested in documenting how animal welfare had improved over time on British farms, so we went to a place where improvements were promised. It was a big shock to us that instead of getting better, things were worse than before, maybe even worse,” said Christopher Shoebridge of Glass Wall Films. told the Guardian.

According to a British newspaper report, the farm condemned by activists is part of a certification scheme for high-quality products. But this is not the first time the company has been the target of complaints. In 2017, another investigation resulted in reports of poor livestock conditions on the property, which was estimated to house 12,000 pigs.

“Our client is shocked and saddened by what the footage has revealed, and appalled by what appears to be a routine violation of the Public Welfare Act,” the activists said in a letter to authorities.

According to those responsible for the images, the farm had animals with injuries that were not confined – Photo: Advocates for Animals


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