Farm | Carriocha sees VAR, doesn’t apologize and still calls Rachel “corrupt”

Farm |  Carriocha sees VAR, doesn’t apologize and still calls Rachel “corrupt”

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After her elimination from “A Fazenda 15”, Alessandra Cariúcha faced Lucas Selfie, who did not calm down in the decompression chamber. The funk singer was left speechless when she watched some of the scenes she starred in on the Record TV reality show.

Catch the lie

The most awaited moment by viewers was the VAR of Rachel Scheherazade’s speech, which distorted it. The funk singer spread a lie on the reality show she rehearsed with Camila Simeone: that Rachel asked her during an argument not to spit on her so she “wouldn’t catch any disease.” Kariocha also added that it was because she was black.

The lie spread widely, and in an intervention at headquarters on another topic, broadcaster Adrian Galisto took the opportunity to state that Rachel had not mentioned disease transmission during the discussion with Carriocha. “She said, ‘Don’t spit on me because you might get fired,'” Gallisto said. And that was it.” However, Kariocha remained in disbelief, and developed a conspiracy theory with Simeone about Record TV cheating the journalist.

When she saw the video of the scene, she didn’t know what to comment. He lay on the ground in awkward silence.

Presenter Lucas Selfie even set Simioni on fire, suggesting that Cariúcha had been manipulated, and the funk singer, stammering, almost said: “I thought we were friends,” interrupting the sentence before concluding and paraphrasing it. “In the game, I thought she was my friend and ally.”

Pressed by Selfie to pose in front of images that showed Simioni commenting on her “limited vision of the game”, Cariúcha was left open-mouthed and described herself as “dizzy”.

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“Corrupt human being”

However, even after denying the hint of racism, she stated that she would not apologize to Rachel. “No, because she’s too arrogant,” he explained.

Lucas Selfie even tried to give Cariúcha a chance to back down: “Even after everything I saw, even after I realized you were lying…”

Carriocha puffed up his chest to reply: “They told me, I was not the one who supported the lie,” and again criticized the journalist harshly. Saying that the apology “about that, okay,” he attacked: “But no [se desculpar para] The person in the game, because he is corrupt. She is a corrupt person.”

“It’s personal”

The funk singer also maintained her anger at Lucas Sousa, and thanks to incorrect videos chosen by the production team – which avoided scenes with profanity – she continued to state that she was not homophobic towards Jojo Tudinho’s ex-husband.

She also took the opportunity to say: “Lucas is very confident that he will win. He has trained to win. It is not him in Fazenda, anyone who knows him here knows that he has nothing to do with that. He is a player.” “He created a character who looked like Arthur Aguiar. He hired a coach and a bunch of people.”

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