Does the luxurious mansion from the thriller really exist?

Does the luxurious mansion from the thriller really exist?

A hit on social media, the luxurious mansion featured in the movie “Saltburn” is also attracting the attention of those watching the movie

“Saltburn” is set to be released in the latter part of 2023 A real sensation on social media. The Prime Video release features the fictional story of student Oliver Quick (Barry Keoghan).

Recipient of a scholarship to Oxford University, he does everything he can to fit in with the wealthy students. Thus, he ends up invited by Felix Catton (Jacob Elordi) to spend the holidays there Saltburn, a luxury property Which ends up becoming the scene of strange events.

With its curious script and interesting characters, “Saltburn” also draws attention to the interior of the estate featured in the film. After all, is everything shown in the movie real?

Elle Decor International explains that the mansion shown in the film is known in real life Like Drayton House. The expansive estate, which has been owned by the Stopford-Sackville family since 1970, can be found in Northamptonshire in the East Midlands, England.

The mansion shown in the movie “Saltburn” /Credit: Disclosure/Prime Video

with 127 beautifully decorated rooms, the property also carries the same cool air in real life. In addition to having gardens and swimming pools.

As for the vehicle, the film's production designer, Susie Davies, explained that the idea was to find it One property for recordings. She also had a desire to find a location that had never been shown in films before.

the changes

In addition to making use of what was already in the mansion, the exterior of the house was expanded for the film, Davies explained to Elle Decor magazine. The designer explained that the biggest change was the gruesome maze featured in the film, which is “almost entirely fictional.” In addition, the team also placed giant Minotaur sculptures in the area to create a more tense atmosphere.

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In addition, the film also received permission to change the painting and even the decoration of the house if necessary. Although the country's laws prohibit modifications to “period” residences, the mansion is privately owned, making modifications possible.

The maze shown in “Saltburn” /Credit: Disclosure/Prime Video

The rooms of the characters Oliver and Felix, for example, are those in the real palace, however, they have modifications to make everything more “cinematic.”

“We flipped it, painted it, removed the upholstery and put it back together,” Davis said. “We turned the bedroom into a bathroom and the bathroom into a dressing room.”

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