Dakota Johnson talks to Fantástico about 'Madame Teia': 'A Whole New World' | amazing

Dakota Johnson talks to Fantástico about 'Madame Teia': 'A Whole New World' |  amazing

Dakota Johnson Talks to Fantástico About Her New Film 'Madame Teia': 'A Whole New World'

This Sunday Fantástico (4) welcomed a special guest: American actress Dakota Johnson. He is best known to the audience for the films in the franchise.”Fifty Shades of GreyShe was in Rio this weekend to promote her new work.Madam Tia“.

The film revolves around a Marvel Comics character who gets his first movie.

In the story, she is a paramedic who one day discovers that she has superpowers. All after her mother was bitten by a spider when she was pregnant in the Amazon.

“This is a whole new world,” the actress explained.

In real life, Dakota also has a network full of connections and has acted in more than 20 films.

She is the daughter of two actors, Melanie Griffith, famous in the 1990s, and Don Johnson, who starred in the series Miami Vice. Dating Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay. As a bonus, she is also a neighbor of American broadcaster Jimmy Fallon.

But despite her Hollywood upbringing, Dakota is reserved and likes to keep her private life out of the spotlight.

“I value my privacy and the privacy of those close to me very much.. But despite that, I love filmmaking, and they are two paths that are difficult to separate. But I'm trying, because I don't want to be someone who is exposed all his life.”

Regarding Madame Tia, she said that it is a “feminist film.” He concludes, “I hope to see more women making their films, whether in front of or behind the camera.”

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