Fan creates a shooting game where the player hunts Pokémon with firearms

Imagem de: Fã cria jogo de tiro onde jogador caça Pokémons com armas de fogo

Independent developer Dragon is working on an unofficial game from Pokemon That would ruin some childhood. This is because the game is a type of first-person shooter, and its gameplay involves using military weapons to kill pocket monsters.

The tweet along with a video of the game went viral, garnering 33,000 likes and 14,000 retweets in just two days. The 1 minute 20 second trailer has been viewed more than 1.8 million times, and shows weapons like assault rifles and shotguns used against Nidoqueen, Zapdos, and even the friendly Pikachu.

The idea for the project made in Unreal Engine 4 came from a simple tweet

In a video posted On your YouTube channelDragon explained that the idea for the project came from a tweet that simply said, “Someone should make a first-person shooter Pokémon.”

The developer then used Unreal Engine 4 to make the game a reality. The first attempt was to use the model for the graphics engine for first-person games, but that did not produce the desired experience.

Then he came across a package called Low Poly Shooter Pack 3.0, from the studio Infima Games. Its mechanics were a perfect starting point, including 20 weapons, grenades, and ammo reloading animations.

Importing 3D models required six different programs

Since he didn’t have a 3D artist on his team, Dragon had to search for an asset pack on the Unreal Engine Marketplace to create the game’s environment. To match the aesthetics and atmosphere of the Pokémon world, he chose a stylized forest.

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The developer used these items to create three different regions, each with progressively stronger Pokemon and its own boss. The little monsters that inhabit these environments were imported directly from the latest games in the franchise.

(Source: YouTube / Play)source: youtube / play

The lengthy import process required the use of six different programs. To facilitate the creation of artificial intelligence, Pokemon have been divided into six different groups – each with its own behavior and reactions.

The game still has special battles against Zapdos, Articuno and Mewtwo

Boss battles also gained special attention. There are three different legends that players can encounter: Zapdos, Articuno, and Mewtwo. Each encounter takes place on a different map and includes unique special effects.

(Source: YouTube / Play)(Source: YouTube / Play)source: youtube / play

Dragon has not confirmed that the game will be available to the public one day, nor what the future of the project will be.

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