FalleN teaches configuration to improve performance in CS2| Draft5

FalleN teaches configuration to improve performance in CS2|  Draft5

The Brazilian reference in Counter-Strike is Gabriel “FallenToledo shared a video demonstrating his CS2 settings. The professor points out that the changes he made resulted in good visibility, low latency, and high frames per second, and this was the best way he found to make the game the best possible way.

Starting from the solution, FalleN points out that his decision was to avoid having very low image quality. For him, this was a big change compared to CS:GO, where the two-time champion says he used the lowest precision possible in the previous game. Now, FalleN comes with a resolution of 1440 x 1080, which is the highest resolution available for rate 4:3.

Photo: Reproduction/FalleN/YouTube

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On the more advanced part of the videos, FalleN has the “Boost Player Contrast” option enabled, but it explains why. According to him, this new CS2 feature makes some duels easier during the game. In the rest of the options in general, the professor uses the bass settings, with the exception of “Global Shadow Quality”.

In brief, FalleN explains each video option in CS2 and why he chose to leave this feature as is. Furthermore, since it uses an NVIDIA card, Verdadeiro also takes advantage of the post to talk about the company’s new technologies in CS2 and how to use them in a way that makes the game perform better.

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