BBB sponsors are already thinking about 2022 and want psychological abuse punished

BBB sponsors are already thinking about 2022 and want psychological abuse punished

a BBB 2021 It became featured in reality history as a placemat version. Since departure Lucas PintidoIn the second week of the game, and after several disagreements with the participants, the program management showed that some situations will not be tolerated.

With Rodolfo sacked last Tuesday (6), Thiago Levert made it clear that the administration was interested in winning. BBB 2022. “What a chance we don’t let that happen in “BBB 22”. It is really good. is over. Let’s go aheadHe said after the issue of racism related to Joao Luiz’s poetry.

According to columnist Maurício Stycer, sponsors also want to beware of cases of psychological abuse, masculinity, homophobia and racism on Globo’s program.

During a meeting promoted by Wunderman Thompson, representatives of two BBB 2021 investors, Avon and Coca-Cola, gave a positive evaluation of the current release. In addition, they highlighted a desire to change some of the rules, including thinking about punishment in cases of psychological assault.

Avon vice president of marketing, Danielle Pepas, said Lucas Penteado’s withdrawal spurred a series of conversations with Globo:

One of the conversations we had is that it is part of BBB’s regulation that if someone attacks another person, the program management has the right to eventually expel that participant. Physical aggression. The topic raised was: How far does the psychological aggression go, which can be as bad or worse than slapping one person in the face of another.The CEO who added:

There is a debate about what the rules are in this area – namely, bullying, psychological harassment, racism, and verbal expression of racism. What can and cannot? It is delicate, difficult, not easy. A lot of people are charging Globo and their sponsors what to do in this situation. And I think we are all here to learn and develop how the program will bring these discussions to the fore in a healthy way that will not create any danger to anyone.“.

Polliana Souza, the leader of Coca-Cola in Latin America, conducted a similar analysis:Society no longer tolerates. The stage of such a program, with high definition, and high exposure, is also the stage of these discussions. In fact, we are all learning. I think Globo will learn and things will evolve over time“.

He highlighted the expectation of changes:We are against any kind of discrimination and will be together with Globo in these lessons and understand how it should develop, which is Danny’s goal. The debate is important. And how it can generate learning and thinking in all of us, what is cool and what is not“.

Thinking about 2022, Danielle also spoke about:I think there will be a conversation. It’s impossible for this conversation not to come out on top of what the rules are and how far psychological harassment goes, given what happened this year. I think it is only natural that this matter is being discussed and discussed within the program and within the broadcaster“.

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