Fábio Porchat rebelled in Theo Becker poll on vaccination: ‘Imbecile’ TV News

Fábio Porchat rebelled in Theo Becker poll on vaccination: 'Imbecile' TV News

Fabio Porsche revolted by a Poll published by Theo Becker on vaccination Against Covid-19. On Friday (7), after the actor suggested that people were forced to be vaccinated against the disease and that they would be afraid of a vaccine, the comedian rated the assumption as “ridiculous.”

Baker questioned his followers via Twitter about the application of immunizations approved and distributed by the competent health authorities. “In what situation are you: vaccination with regret, vaccination with fear, forced vaccination or all alternatives?” , asked the former Fazenda.

In less than 24 hours, the poll received more than 4,000 responses, and 29.9% of voters answered that they had been forcibly vaccinated.

Upon seeing the representative’s poll, Swipe Publishing Porsche: “My situation is: I want fools like you to be vaccinated soon so that they do not spoil the next carnival of the whole vaccinated community!”. Until this text was closed, the stand-up comedian had scored more than 12 thousand likes.

According to data from the Federation of Press Vehicles, 67.61% of Brazilians have already completed the Covid-19 vaccination schedule. However, with the arrival of the ômicron variable and the crowds caused by the year-end celebrations, the country showed a 639% increase in the number of cases, compared to the average of 15 days ago.

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