Alexandre Pires says he “was not involved and had nothing to do with mining” after Operation PF| Roraima

Alexandre Pires says he “was not involved and had nothing to do with mining” after Operation PF|  Roraima

Singer Alexander Pires is being investigated in a federal police operation. – Photo: reproduction/Instagram/alexandrepires

Singer Alexander Pires reported this on Tuesday (5). “He does not have and has never had any involvement in mining or mineral extraction, let alone on indigenous territory.” The statement sent to g1 By defence, it comes after he was the target of searches and seizures by federal police in an investigation into illegal mining on Yanomami indigenous land, in Roraima.

Alexandre Pires was the target of Operation Golden Disk. He is being investigated because he received R$1,382,000 from a company that, according to the investigation, operates illegal mining in Yanomami TI. Of the total, the singer received R$357,000 in a personal account and another R$1,025,000 in a legal account.

“Alexander Pires was surprised by the recent operation carried out by the Federal Police that unjustifiably implicated his name. Finally, we affirm that the singer and composer Alexander Pires has never committed any illegal act, which will be duly proven during the investigations, confirming his confidence in Brazilian justice. “, said the singer’s defence.

Searches were conducted on the ship the singer was on board, in Santos, on the coast of São Paulo, on Monday (4). Moreover, the businessman who manages the career of the artist Matthews Possebon, and the businessman Christian Costa dos Santos, who works in illegal mining in Roraima, were arrested.

For the Palestinian police, Alexander Peres’ receipt of the whistleblowers raised eyebrows, and may be an indication of his money laundering.

“With regard to Alexandre Pires, one of the great authorities of Brazilian music, the Opus, responsible for the management of his career, expresses its solidarity with the artist, trusting in his suitability and complete clarification of the facts,” quotes an excerpt from the note.

In the same memorandum, regarding the investigation against Possebom, Opus Entretenimento stated “it is not aware of any illegal activity allegedly related to the company’s employees and partners.”

The report attempts to contact the defense of businessman Christian.

Federal Police agent during Operation Disco de Oro. — Photo: PF/Disclosure

Two arrest warrants and six search and seizure warrants, issued by the Fourth Federal Court of the Judicial Division of Roraima, were issued in Boa Vista and Mocajay, Roraima, as well as São Paulo and Santos (SP), Santarem (PA), Uberlandia (MG) and Itapima (SC). The kidnapping of more than R$130 million from suspects has also been identified.

The operation is an offshoot of a police force operation launched in January 2022, when 30 tons of cassiterite quarried from Yanomami indigenous lands were confiscated. The crude was located in the warehouse of the investigated company’s headquarters and was being prepared for shipment abroad.

Operation Golden Disk aims to dismantle a scheme to finance illegal mining in Yanomami land. — Photo: PF/Disclosure

Investigations indicate that the dynamics will only happen on paper, as the crude will originate from the state of Roraima itself.

Financial transactions were identified that would link the entire production chain of the scheme, with aircraft pilots, gas stations, and warehouses of mining machinery and equipment and oranges to cover up the fraudulent transactions.

Operation Gold Disc targets miners, businessmen and even a country singer. — Photo: PF/Disclosure

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