Exclusive: WhatsApp 3D will be in the metaverse of Mark Zuckerberg’s dreams | social networks

Exclusive: WhatsApp 3D will be in the metaverse of Mark Zuckerberg's dreams |  social networks

Mark Zuckerberg’s plans for The future in which everyone participates in the so-called metaverse going through some kind of The WhatsApp 3D, where people can talk to contacts as if they were puppets being inserted into a virtual environment. Whoever acknowledges this possibility is Andrew Bosworth, the current vice president of the lab Facebook social networking site that develops virtual reality.

The CEO spoke with reporters from Latin America this afternoon. This columnist was the sole representative of Brazil, a country with 150 million supporters of the messaging app, according to a very knowledgeable source.

The concept of how a person inside the metaverse receives a video call – Image: clone/meta

With the word, head dead

Buz, as he is known, was asked if there would be an integration with WhatsApp. Gave the long answer you see below:

“We are very excited to bring WhatsApp to the metaverse. The app is the communications backbone for many countries around the world. You can obviously think of ways to use it. [dentro do metaverso].

It is part of the social fabric of everyday life for many people. It would be naive to think that a user would put VR glasses on his head and, upon receiving a message via WhatsApp, would have to remove this giant screen to check information on a different screen, the smartphone.

A user outside the metaverse may see a contact in 3D – Image: Reproduction/Meta

Yesterday we announced the virtual reality version of Messenger. It’s a little more difficult to get WhatsApp into this universe because the app is tied to your phone number. We’ll need additional work to get this result. The WhatsApp team is very excited to work with us on this. They recently started to support multiple devices that can connect to the same account in the app.

We will extend this reality. I don’t have any announcements today, but I am definitely interested in bringing WhatsApp to the metaverse.”

For those who haven’t connected one thing to the other, the metaverse is the name given to a project Recreate the real world within the internet, thanks to 3D spaces where avatars interact with each other. It will be possible to hold meetings, teach classes, play games or just spend time together. Zuckerberg is betting so hard on this future that he decided to Rename the parent company of Facebook to Meta, referring to this type of virtual reality.

Facebook changes its name and becomes “dead” – Image: Reproduction / Facebook

The topic has grabbed headlines in recent weeks due to the many challenges imposed, including accessing display-compatible devices and interacting with content in virtual reality, telecommunications infrastructure and known problems Facebook has in managing hate speech or offensive content, among others. .

On the other hand, the idea of ​​recreating a virtual world where people can replicate their looks or adopt entirely new characters is being explored by many teams and companies around the world. In addition to Meta Company itself (formerly Facebook), the work of Microsoft, Act RobloxGive Epic Games And the Brazilian movil Tonight.

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