Ex-world darts champion accused of sexual assault in UK

Ted Hankey, jogador ex-campeão mundial de dardos

Former world champion in darts, Ted Hankey He had issues with recent shows due to health issues, including withdrawing from World Championship which happened in February. But next week, the challenge will be in the courts.

After being accused of sexually assaulting a woman in September last year, the 54-year-old Briton will appear before Magistrates’ Court in Warrington, northern England, on April 6.

The local authorities confirmed in a statement that an investigation is underway based on the evidence that was found. “Prosecutors have made the indictment of the 54-year-old after reviewing the Cheshire Police evidence file.”

Despite the body of evidence obtained by the police, Ted responds to the operation freely, because at that time he had already paid bail.

Professional life

Nicknamed “The Count”, Ted Hanke is a two-time world champion in professional darts (2000 and 2009). The first time he qualified for the world competition was in 1998.

Ted had announced last year that he would not participate in the world championships, which will be held in February this year. The decision came after a crushing defeat in which he appeared confused during the competition. Later, his manager revealed that he had a stroke.

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