Ex-BBB Fiuk pays tribute to Juliet, Carla Diaz, and Gilberto Nogueira

Ex-BBB Fiuk pays tribute to Juliet, Carla Diaz, and Gilberto Nogueira

Third place inBBB 21 “, Fiuk used social media networks, this afternoon, to interact with fans in the traditional Q&A game and not to escape from questions about Juliet, Carla Diaz and Gilberto Nogueira – his former mates in custody in Reality show From Rede Globo.

The singer’s first question was about Carla Diaz. Fabio Jr.’s son questioned the actress’s attitudes within the confinement and even received a banana as a gift from her sister after a fake wall. However, he says the raids were in the past and were invented.

Phuk praises Juliet and says that Juke will live forever

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“Of course I made peace with Carlinha and it was good to have the opportunity to get to know her wonderful side. I was filled with paranoia at home, but we are in a good mood,” he said.

When asked about Juliet Freire, due to his ups and downs with the heroine of “Big Brother Brasil 21”, the singer avoided talking about the controversial cake brawl and said that the makeup artist has become special in her life.

Juliet is sweet, she’s so special. What we lived inside was very special and will never change.

Finally, the singer mentioned that he missed his acquaintance with Gil do Vigor and declared that the Giuk – their ship – would live forever.

Juke lives, forever and ever. My love is Gilzinho de Vigor. Oh my love, I love you! Longing.

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