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EU leaders will call on the UK to respect the rights of European citizens who decide to travel in the region, according to the draft report, which will be granted “Reuters” access this Wednesday, next week.

The announcement comes at a time when there are concerns about the treatment of EU citizens by British immigration officials.

“The Council of Europe calls on the United Kingdom to respect the principle of non-discrimination between member states and the rights of EU citizens,” the agency said in a statement.

Citizens of a European camp detained in immigration centers in the UK have been detained for several days following the end of freedom of movement after leaving the United Kingdom.

Dacian Ciolos, head of the European Parliament’s main liberal group, wrote to the European Commission last week that he was concerned about the “clear inconsistencies” of British preventive measures and the “severe barriers” to relations between them. European Union and Britain.

About a dozen nationals from EU countries affected by the “hostile environment” policy of the police and migration services were arrested last week at immigration evacuation centers after landing at UK airports. Most of them are women. Last week, the British newspaper The Guardian reported some victims’ denunciations of what had happened, indicating that their cases were only the tip of the iceberg.

Italian, Greek, Spanish and Bulgarian citizens were arrested and deported without work visas even though job interviews were scheduled.

British Ministry of the Interior, The Home OfficeHowever, in these circumstances visitors are explicitly guaranteed that “meetings, conferences, seminars, interviews” and “negotiations and agreements and agreements may be signed”, citing sources close to the British newspaper. Others violated the new rules, which now bar European citizens from attending unpaid internships.

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