EU: AstraZeneca has no obligation to the UK to stop vaccinating the Alliance | The world

EU: AstraZeneca has no obligation to the UK to stop vaccinating the Alliance |  The world

AstraZeneca has told the EU that it has no legal obligation to the UK or other buyers to stop providing full-fledged COVID-19 vaccines under an agreement with the EU, an EU spokesman said. .

His comments contradict the claims of British Health Minister Matt Hankok, who has repeatedly stated that the Anglo-Swedish company has a special agreement with the United Kingdom, which would justify prioritizing products for this country.

AstraZeneca has assured us that it has no obligation to other parties to prevent it from fulfilling its obligations.“With the EU, a commission spokesman said when asked about Hancock’s comments.

His statement reiterated the key features of Section 13.1 of the EU Agreement with AstraZeneca, which acknowledged that the company had no contractual obligations restricting its ability to fulfill its obligations to the EU.

Astrogenogen Requests for comment were not immediately responded to.

The European Union negotiated Astrogenogen Under a dispute resolution mechanism built into its agreement after the company said it would deliver just 100 million doses by the end of June, instead of the 300 million promised in the EU agreement.

The spokesman said the conversations Astrogenogen They had to ensure that the company “fully utilizes its supply lines and factories identified in our agreement” to fulfill its obligations to the 27 EU countries.

Under the agreement with the European Union, Astrogenogen Promised to supply vaccines manufactured in four European factories, two of which are in the UK: Oxford Biomedica and Cobra Biologics.

So far, the UK has not exported any vaccine Astrogenogen Although the camp requested the EU to approach the quantity produced in the country.

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The third factory is run by Holix, a subcontractor Astrogenogen In the Netherlands, it is listed in the EU treaty as a vaccine supplier, but the UK says it also has the right to get the dose from there.

Although it is committed to delivering more to the EU than the UK by the end of March, Astrogenogen According to general data, the UK has sent more vaccines so far than the 27 EU countries.

The EU has blamed a severe shortage of quantities Astrogenogen Slow deployment of vaccines, which lags far behind former members, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Many European countries had briefly stopped using the vaccine earlier this month, some rare blood clots were investigated, but resumed following the European Pharmaceuticals Agency (EMA) claiming benefits of the vaccine. Astrogenogen They outweigh the risks.

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