English Monument: Discover a little piece of Charles III's United Kingdom in Curitiba

English Monument: Discover a little piece of Charles III's United Kingdom in Curitiba

This Saturday (6/4), the world's eyes turned to London, where Charles III was crowned King of the United Kingdom. For those wishing to get to know a little about the culture of the European country,… Memory of English to Gum ParkIn Battle, since 2019, she has collected elements that reference the British, such as brick walls, a telephone booth, as well as paintings that tell the story of these immigrants in Curitiba.

Last year, the city's mayor, Rafael Greca, unveiled a plaque at the English Monument honoring the seventy years of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, who died on September 8, 2022, leaving the crown to her firstborn, Charles III. The painting celebrated the Platinum Jubilee – 70 years of the longest reigning British monarch, Elizabeth.

Comfort space in everyday life

In addition to preserving the memory of British immigrants, Gum Park is also a place of recreation and rest. Among the regular staff for this purpose are employees from the neighboring Shopping Pátio Batel, such as Michel Souza, who works in a restaurant in the shopping centre.

“I come almost every day because I find the space very cozy, and my favorite part is the bee boxes.” Stingless bee boxes are part of the municipal pollination program Honey Gardens.

The forest is also very popular with pets such as Nutella the dog who lives in Battle and takes advantage of vet visits and shopping trips to enjoy the forest grass and run around. His mentor, Anna Paula Hauck, an interior designer, praises the space. “The atmosphere is very nice, and I love the English aesthetics and especially the flowers, which are always well cared for.”

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Luminous greeting

From Friday night (5/5) until Sunday (7/5), the blue, red and white colors of the Union Jack light up the Green Botanical Garden. The colorful light in the light is a tribute from the city of Curitiba to the coronation of Charles III.

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