‘England’s loneliest sheep’ rescued after being isolated for two years

‘England’s loneliest sheep’ rescued after being isolated for two years

Britain’s Loneliest Goat

Photo: Reproduction/BBC News

A lonely sheep has been rescued in England After two years of isolation At the foot of the cliffs at Ballindor, Scotland. According to information from BBC News, rescue work was done on Saturday 4th by a group of farmers. Currently, he is undergoing treatment at a farm.

The sheep’s plight made British newspapers last month after a kayaker noticed they were still trapped. She was last seen in 2021. Two years since last seen in 2021. An online petition, with more than 52,000 signatures, aims to rescue her, but according to one charity, any such attempt is “incredibly complicated”.

Despite the difficulty, a group of five farmers managed to make it up the steep slope. When Cammy Wilson, a sheep shearer from Ayrshire, saw media coverage of the sheep’s plight, she organized the rescue along with four others, farmers Graeme Parker, Als Couzens, Ally Williamson and James Parker.

The process was shared on Facebook.

“We came in here with some heavy equipment and put these goats on an incredibly steep slope,” he says.

Two of them were at the top operating a winch, and three others descended 250 meters to reach Fiona, who was given the sheep. To the team’s surprise, the sheep were in excellent health.

“She’s in incredible shape. Her condition score is about 4.5. She’s so fat – it’s a job to get her up that hill,” Cammy said. “She’s going to a special place that many of you know very well, where you can see her every day.”

How the goat got lost

Cammy Wilson said in an interview BBC News The farmer who owns the flock from which the sheep came has already tried to recover it, but in all cases, he or his staff will be at risk.

“I hated seeing misinformation online, comments from strangers [sobre o assunto] They say ‘farmers don’t care’. People started showing up on their land and it’s not fair,” Kami said.

The Scottish SPCA knew the sheep had been trapped at the bottom of the cliff for some time, but were unable to find a safe way to rescue it. A spokesman for the charity said: “This morning, the Scottish SPCA were on the slope after reports of a group of experienced climbing individuals trying to climb down and rescue a trapped sheep.”

Britain’s loneliest sheep has found a new home

Photo: Reproduction/BBC News

“The team successfully brought in the sheep and our inspector examined it. Fortunately, the sheep is in good physical condition, as well as being sheared. She will now be taken to a special home in Scotland to rest and recover,” he wrote. .

Source: Redação Terra

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