England today reach group immunity, Boris Johnson can now cut his hair

England today reach group immunity, Boris Johnson can now cut his hair

“I really need a haircut,” he said in an interview with Sky News two weeks ago, banging on the British leader’s characteristic and disheveled yellow hair.

The British government’s “cautious but unchangeable” deconstruction program is entering a new phase today, allowing it to resume part of its restricted economic activity. Since the beginning of January, a second national prison sentence has been imposed due to an increase in the Govt-19 epidemic.

According to a study by University College London (UCL), The so-called group immunity is expected to be achieved today in the country, Reaching 73.4% of the population through vaccination or transmission of the disease.

Hairdressers and beauty salons can re-open non-essential businesses such as clothing stores, and traditional ‘pubs’, cafes and restaurants, which until now have been limited to selling food per wicket, can serve drinks on terraces including wine.

Unlike previous feeds, Customers do not have to order ‘substantial food’‘ [copo] There will be no beer or reduced night time.

Some enclosed spaces, such as gyms and swimming pools, libraries or community centers, may operate with certain rules, but open spaces are preferred, allowing zoos and amusement parks to reopen.

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