England to send warship to Guyana

England to send warship to Guyana

The shipment comes amid a dispute over the Essequibo with Venezuela; Delivery is scheduled for January 2024

The United Kingdom announced this Sunday (December 24, 2023) that it will send a warship to Guyana in January 2024. The ship is being sent in a dispute with Venezuela over Essequibo on the South-South border. Americans. Information released by the news agency Reuters.

The ship's arrival is to be accompanied by a visit to Guyana by British Foreign Secretary David Cameron. Its purpose is to provide support to the former British colony.

On December 14, Guyana and Venezuela signed a joint declaration in which they agreed to resolve the impasse in accordance with international law. They pledged not to use any force and not to threaten each other's territorial sovereignty, directly or indirectly. “under no circumstances” In the Essequibo territorial dispute.

“Oh [navio do tipo] HMS Trent will visit regional friendship and Commonwealth partner Guyana later this month as part of ongoing engagements in the region during her Atlantic patrol deployment.said a British spokesman.

Understand the case

On December 3rd, Venezuelans voted in a referendum to annex part of Guyana. The move was announced on November 10th, to be consulted on by Maduro.

The dispute between the countries, which lasted for more than a century, concerned the territory of Essequibo or Guiana Essequiba. After the end, the Venezuelan government must decide on strategies to annex the territory.

Essequibo is 160 thousand km² and administered by Guyana. The region represents 74% of the neighboring country's land area, is rich in oil and minerals, and has an outlet to the Atlantic Ocean.

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The poll posed 5 questions from which Venezuelans chose answers “yes” This is “no”. were approved by Venezuela's CNE (National Electoral Council) in October.

These are questions about the Paris Declaration of 1899 – an action taken as a result of a treaty signed in Washington in 1897, which determined that Guyana, then a British colony, belonged to and divided the territory along a dividing line.

The questions referred to the 1966 Geneva Convention – in which the United Kingdom recognized Venezuela's claim to Essequibo and classified the situation as negotiable.

One of them also questions the competence of the International Court of Justice to adjudicate the case. The UN (United Nations) judicial body in The Hague, Netherlands, decided on Friday (December 1) that it cannot take steps to annex Venezuelan territory.

According to the decision, the government of Nicolás Maduro “Avoid taking any action which might alter the existing situation in the disputed territory”. Here it is Complete sentence (PDF – 227 kB).

The Guyana government classified the move “Provocative, illegal, null and void of international legal effect”. He also accused the Venezuelan leader of committing an international crime by attempting to weaken the territorial integrity of sovereign Guyana. Here it is Full report (PDF – 19 kB).

The country also protects the 1897 Washington Treaty. “For more than 6 decades, the border has been internationally recognised, accepted and respected by Venezuela, Guyana and the international community as a land boundary between the 2 states”That said the government of that country.

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