EnduroGP: Romania, France and the UK join the calendar in 2024

EnduroGP: Romania, France and the UK join the calendar in 2024

At a press conference at the Finnish Grand Prix, Francisco Pita from Prime Stadiumannounced that next year’s Enduro World Championship calendar is effectively closed.

Portugal, Spain, Slovakia, Romania and France are where enduro is most popular and sure to have races. Bringing back the EnduroGP World Championship is very important. France will host the final round of the championship”.

Another big innovation is the entry of the United Kingdom where 1 or 2 matches are expected, one of which is sure to be in Wales in August. “As we have so many applications, we have reached a point where it is difficult to select countries to conduct trials. After the novelty of Romania, France and the United Kingdom in 2024, we have Slovenia in 2025, and in 2026 we want to do a couple of rounds in Australia, a country where enduro is very important.”, said Francisco Pita.

George Vikas, President of the FIMwho was at the Finnish GP and declared in an exclusive interview: “The work of the promoter is positive, there are still some points to improve, of course, but there has been a big evolution since last year, after all, there is a big difference compared to previous years since Prime Stadium took over Entero. promotion”.

When asked how he sees the sport in the context of motorcycling, George Vikas said: “Enduro is a very old practice that has had its ups and downs, leading to other disciplines such as motocross or trials that are now modernizing and trying to find their place. We have a lot of riders, a lot of interest from the factories. There’s a lot of investment in enduro that hasn’t been done in the last 10 years, and now we’re finally doing it. I am sure that Enduro will improve its ranking compared to other motorcycle sectors”.

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The EnduroGP World Championship continues this weekend in Skovde, Sweden.


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