Employers are asking for flexibility in recruiting foreigners

Employers are asking for flexibility in recruiting foreigners

“Waiting until the deficit is resolved is not the best way to run an economy. We must address short-term economic needs and long-term economic reforms at the same time.”, CBI Director General Tony Tanker said in a statement.

The organization, which represents 190,000 companies with more than seven million employees, wants the government to expand the list of specific industries that will ease restrictions on foreign recruitment.

Fruit and flower picking, cleaning, cooking, scaffolding or other activities identified as carpenter deficiency.

The government-approved list, which addresses the requirements for issuing work visas, consists mainly of qualified professionals such as scientists, engineers, informants, health professionals, veterinarians or architects.

Tanker acknowledges the need to train and hire more British workers, but warned that this would take time and would require “temporary and targeted interventions” and that the crisis would sometimes last for two years. ??????

Sectors such as catering, transportation and food processing have complained of labor shortages in recent weeks, with the “perfect storm” created by the impact of the Govt-19 epidemic and the post-Brexit immigration system implemented since the beginning of the year making it difficult for Europeans to enter the UK.

Europeans who returned to their home countries during the epidemics were short of truck drivers, and large supermarket chains such as Tesco and Asta introduced introductory prizes of 1,000 1,000 (16 1,167) to attract applicants.

Many British shops and restaurants have been hit by shortages of items such as drinks. .

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