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Emmanuel Macron The meme became online after his visit to French Polynesia. The President of France received many flower necklaces during the reception on the island, and because the netizen does not miss anything, he won more flower necklaces to his knees in a montage that goes viral on social networks.

Emmanuel Macron during a visit to French Polynesia (Image: Reproduction/Twitter/AnthonyStuart)

Netizens did not let the unusual moment go unnoticed and the name of the president is already one of the most talked about on Tuesday (27) on Twitter.

One wrote, “The flower of power. Emmanuel Macron on Instagram the new presidential challenge.” “He died of undiagnosed hay fever at the age of 43,” another joked. Hay fever is caused by an allergic reaction to pollen.

Emmanuel Macron has become a meme (Image: Reproduction/Instagram)

Emmanuel Macron has become a meme, a montage spread to the left (Image: Reproduction/Instagram)

Comparing Emmanuel Macron to painting (Photo: clone / Internet)

Comparing Emmanuel Macron to painting (Photo: clone / Internet)

Three more flowers and Emmanuel Macron turned around [a pintura] Virtomonus, by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, “Analyze one more.” Will you be a flower walking? Follow one more. French President Emmanuel Macron turned into a human wreath during his official reception in French Polynesia. I love this man”

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