Emergency withdrawal type: FGTS release continues

Emergency withdrawal type: FGTS release continues

Emergency recall type: FGTS release continuation. The federal government may issue a new round of emergency withdrawals from the Employment Guarantee Fund (FGTS) in 2021. The difference for this year if the measure is issued relates to the amount, since the emergency withdrawal provides for the release of one minimum wage for workers, and, accordingly, with a readjustment Minimum wage, the new withdrawal could be R$1,100 versus R$1,045 in 2020. It has already begun to be issued by Caixa Econômica for the anniversary of the federal withdrawal from the 2021 FGTS (Guarantee Fund for Service Time) for beneficiaries born in January. According to the bank, more than 9.7 million workers have chosen this method and will be able to withdraw funds according to the repayment schedule.

The benefit withdrawal period begins on the first working day of the month of the beneficiary’s birthday and continues until the last working day of the second month following. For example, if a worker was born on January 15, then his withdrawal from his birthday will be available from January 4 to March 31.

If the beneficiary does not withdraw the funds by the deadline, it will be automatically returned to their FGTS account.

Watch what the 2021 payment schedule looks like:

  • Born in January: January to March 31
  • Born in February: February to April 30
  • Born in March: March to May 31
  • April born: April – June 30
  • Born in May: May to July 30 30
  • June born: June – August 31
  • Born in July: July to September 30
  • Born in August: August to October 29
  • Born in September: From September to November 30
  • Born in October: October – December 31
  • Born in November: November 2021 to January 31, 2022
  • Born in December: December 2021 to February 28, 2022
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Although the dates are predetermined, it is important that workers check the operation of Caixa branches on the day they intend to withdraw funds. On December 31, for example, banks do not open their doors, and the withdrawal of the feature will only be available through the FGTS app.


The option can be made on the FGTS application, on the website fgts.caixa.gov.br, on Caixa Internet banking or at the branches themselves.

Workers who choose a birthday to withdraw until the last day of their birth month will be able to receive the payment in the same year. In other words: those born in January, for example, have until the next 31 to choose the method and receive money in 2021.

Immigration is not mandatory. Those who do not register will remain on the withdrawal and termination rule, which allows access to the fund for their home purchase, retirement, and unfair dismissal, as well as other cases provided by law. Source: Yule Economy

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